News PureFTPd Update! (1.0.22)

2009.04.29 17:49

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PureFTPd가 2009.4.27 날짜로 1.0.22로 업데이트 되었네요.

* Version 1.0.22:
 - New catalan translation, by Taik0.
 - TLS support for LDAP, contributed by Marc Balmer.
 - pureftpd.schema contained two errors. Reported by Ulrich Zehl.
 - Fix usage of MySQL 5 stored procedures, by Bernhard Fischer.
 - Don't issue a warning in ./configure when the certfile does exist.
Reported by Michael Bowe.
 - Have LDAP FTPStatus work since the schema changed. Thanks to David Majorel.
 - Compatibility with newer OpenLDAP versions. Thanks to Johan Ström.
 - Don't hang up during uploads if we get any other command than QUIT and
 - SITE UTIME reads UTC time
 - A space is needed for inline content in response to the MLST command.
 - Time zone issues should be fixed for good. We have to redefine TZ,
tzset() is not enough on Linux when we are in a chroot environment.
 - Correctly respond to FEAT without removing extra features when passive
mode is disabled. Thanks to upb.
 - Better process name change setup for Linux.
 - Auto-created home directories are now created with mode 0777 (and
directory umask is applied), per common request. It's very important to
double check your umask.
 - Extend gid / uid to 10 digits in ls output. Extend file size as well.
 - Brazilian portuguese translation was updated.
 - Support new MySQL password scrambling, thanks to Jan Hudoba.
 - Larger mmap() chunnks: downloads needs less CPU usage on platforms with
slow mmap() like OpenBSD.
 - Fix SecureFX compatibility.
 - Use PQescapeStringConn() for PostgreSQL instead of hand-made escaping.
 - had to leave the package as it was GPL-licenced.
 - Don't respond to server that an upload succeeded before the temporary
file has been renamed.
 - TLS support on data channels, contributed by Rajat Upadhyaya from Novell
and Christian Cier-Zniewski.
 - Use sendfile() on recent Solaris versions in place of sendfilev().
 - Don't use a deprecated interface for Bonjour registration.
 - Tell authentication handlers if the connection is encrypted or not,
through a new AUTHD_ENCRYPTED environment variable. Suggested by Koczka
 - README.Netfilter has been removed.
 - Create all directories, not only the basement when on-demand directory
creation is enabled and the user's home directory looks like /basement/./user.
Suggested by Frederico Gendorf.
 - Fixed error reporting when TLS support was compiled in, but TLS wasn't
enabled on the current session. Thanks to Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.
 - Log full path on file deletion. Thanks to Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.
 - Handle "ftp" and "anonymous" like normal accounts (with passwords) if -E
(no anonymous logins) is specified. Thanks to Arkadiusz Miskiewicz.
 - Sleep before answering a password failure, not the other way round. From
PLD Linux.
 - Fix gcc warning in puredb.
 - In broken mode, show symlinks as their real target. It can have side
effects, don't forget that broken mode is... broken mode.
 - Respect aliasing rules for sockaddr_storage usage.
 - Privsep is enabled by default in the installation GUI.
 - --with-everything now includes privsep.
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